UPSTAR MLS Membership Information

The Upstate Alliance of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (UPSTAR MLS) is a web-based database service that houses Participant’s (Principal Brokers and their agents) real estate listings. Multiple Listing Services in general allow for uniform offers of cooperation and compensation between Participants, who are typically the heads (brokers) of their real estate or appraisal firm. These brokers can join the UPSTAR MLS as a Participant to use the database system. Below is some general information on joining the UPSTAR MLS as a Participant. For more specific questions, please call the UPSTAR MLS office at 260.426.4700.

How to qualify as an MLS Participant

To qualify as an UPSTAR MLS Participant, you must:

  1. be a REALTOR® member of the Upstate Alliance of REALTORS® (UPSTAR) or a member in good standing in another REALTOR® association.
  2. fill out and submit to the UPSTAR MLS a Participant Application with a list of all licensed individuals who are directly or indirectly affiliated with you. This list should include all real estate salespersons, associate and independent brokers, appraisers, and appraiser trainees affiliated with the applicant. If the affiliated individual is a licensed real estate or appraisal professional, they must be reported as a licensee. These licensees become subscribers (or users) of the UPSTAR MLS. Participants are subject to MLS service fees (billed on a quarterly basis) for themselves as well as their affiliated licensees.*
  3. agree to abide by the UPSTAR MLS Bylaws and the UPSTAR MLS Rules and Regulations. The Participant Application contains language that certifies this agreement. The Bylaws and Rules and Regs can be downloaded from the Members Area of the this web site.
  4. pay the one-time Participant Application Fee.

_*PLEASE NOTE: *Participants may decide whether they pay the UPSTAR MLS directly or if their licensees pay the UPSTAR MLS for service. In either case, the Participant is ultimately responsible for any fees assessed to their office by the UPSTAR _

How do I join the UPSTAR MLS if I’m not the head of my real estate firm?

If you are not the head of the firm, you cannot join the UPSTAR MLS unless the principal broker of your firm joins as a Participant.* Once the principal broker becomes a Participant, all licensees affiliated with the Participant will become UPSTAR MLS subscribers.

* PLEASE NOTE: There is one exception to this rule. In the case of branch offices, the managing broker of the branch office may join as a Participant, and only those licensees affiliated with that specific branch office location need to be reported as UPSTAR MLS subscribers.