How to Become an UPSTAR Member

We welcome new members and look forward to introducing them to the many benefits of UPSTAR. We encourage you to make an appointment with the Membership Director so that we can dedicate time to go over the membership process and paperwork with you. Just contact David at the UPSTAR office, 260.426.4700, or by email at

Below is an explanation of the REALTOR® membership process, step by step. On the right-hand menu, we have provided a link to download all the forms you need to apply for membership.

Membership Process – Step by Step

You must go through the following process to become a REALTOR® member of UPSTAR, which also includes membership in the Indiana Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

You have passed the real estate licensing exam and have affiliated with a broker. Now what?

  1. Fill out and send in the “Application for LIcensure as a Real Estate Broker”. This application is available on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) website. You must submit the original application. Please make a copy for UPSTAR to include with your file.
  2. Wait for IPLA to Approve Your License. Once approved, your license will show “active” on the IPLA website. This step is necessary before UPSTAR can start the REALTOR® application process or take any payments from you. IPLA will notify you of your “active” status by email. PLEASE NOTE: IPLA no longer mails out a physical license (pocket card) to new licensees. You may print one from the IPLA web site to carry with you.
  3. Complete the REALTOR® Application for UPSTAR. Also provide UPSTAR with a copy of your license application referenced in step one for your file.
  4. Complete a Lockbox Agreement for UPSTAR MLS. This is required if you want access to the SentriLock system.
  5. Pay Your Association Dues and MLS Fees. REALTOR® membership with UPSTAR and access to the MLS are two different kinds of memberships requiring two sets of fees. However, you can pay both with one check payable to UPSTAR.
  6. Wait for UPSTAR to Process Your Application in the System. This process will also generate your MLS access codes. PLEASE NOTE: This process will take up to 48 hours to complete.
  7. View the Lockbox Training Video. This is required for SentriLock system access.
  8. Schedule Your Technology Training Classes. We recommend that you sign up to take the Paragon 5 MLS and ZipForm training classes immediately.
  9. Schedule your New Member Orientation Session. PLEASE NOTE: New Member Orientation includes the Code of Ethics, which is required for membership. UPSTAR will automatically place you in the next scheduled orientation session. You must take orientation within the first two times that it is offered to retain REALTOR® status. UPSTAR typically offers New Member Orientation three to four times a year.

Download Membership Applications and Fees