Association Executive

Katrina Kay
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Katrina is the association staff executive, responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective conduct of the affairs of the association. Within the framework of the goals and objectives set by the Board, Katrina plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, and directs the staff, programs, and activities of the association.

MLS / Technology Director

Andy Elser
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Andy handles all MLS-related issues, including troubleshooting and help-desk support for UPSTAR MLS subscribers. He is also responsible for training on the ZipForm software and the Paragon MLS system, as well as other technology training.

Member Services / Professional Development Admin

Ashley Lanning
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Ashley is the first point of contact for new member processing and member service issues in general. She manages the front desk, handles registration for classes, assists members with purchases, oversees office supply inventory and equipment maintenance and coordinates member events.

Communications Director

Kim Ruffin
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Kim handles member communications, media relations and advertising for the organization. She also maintains the Association’s website content and social media presence; develops marketing materials and print advertisements; works with the AE to develop communications strategy; and assists with MLS support calls when the MLS Director is unavailable.

Public Affairs Officer

Pone Vongphachanh
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Pone provides direction and coordination for association activities in the community, legislative, governmental and political arenas as directed by UPSTAR leadership. She protects the interests of members and the real estate industry in legislative matters—primarily on the local level. She also represents UPSTAR and the industry on external boards or committees in the areas of public policy, economic development, and community relations.

Accounting Coordinator

Annette Williams
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Annette works part time and is responsible for all accounting functions for UPSTAR and UPSTAR MLS, including invoicing, accounts payable and receivables, collection, and financial statements. Additionally, she works with the Association Executive and the Finance Committee to prepare the annual budget.